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Monday, July 30, 2012
Unique Bridal Jewelry Pieces

Aluminum wire hand forged into a teardrop....flirting a crystal teardrop and a tiny crystal dangling to create a shimmering effect when the sunlight flirts with the faceted edges....

Hung by a sterling silver plated chain this necklace will give you a timeless wedding piece for your special day!
Saturday, June 30, 2012
A Charming Bracelet
Magnesite stones, charming charms with inspiration to take you throughout your day, little brass beads that flirt...sterling silver plated chain...charm your friends with this gorgeous charm bracelet....$31.00
Saturday, June 23, 2012
Hi Lovely Fans! It’s a weekly giveaway day! Winner gets a CHIC handmade Charm Necklace! This one is super easy and fun. In one or two words, describe your fashion style by posting a comment. For example: “Casual” or “Rugged” or whatever! To spur your thought process, the word(s) do not have to be adjectives either. All comments will be entered into a drawing and the winner gets the earrings shipped directly to them. You can post up to 5 comments and if you share this post, you get an extra entry. Drawing will take place tomorrow morning at 9 am and winner will be posted then. Have fun!
Wednesday, June 6, 2012

One butterfly can touch the lives of trillions, with HOPE on its wings...

The butterfly is a symbol of HOPE for many causes, foundations who raise awareness for LIFE threatening diseases. So we are on a mission of HOPE.

We created "The HOPE Butterfly in June Flight" for all those who have loved ones who struggle with cancer, lupus, and millions of other life threatening diseases...Our hearts go out to you!

We hope you can stop by and say Hi.... 
Join US on Facebook:

"The HOPE Butterfly in June Flight
Join US on Facebook:
Friday, June 1, 2012

A Perfect Partnership - JIJI CHIC and Link for Cancer

Yesterday I was trying to brainstorm of a way to help raise awareness for a deadly non-curable cancer named "Multiple Myeloma Bone Cancer".  

In December of 2009, my sweetheart was diagnosed with this awful disease...It attacks the bone marrow and weakens the they are so susceptible to bone breakage...Life expectancy for this deadly disease is between 4 to 10 far we have had 3 1/5 gracious years with him and we make the best of everyday...some days are better then others...

My husband was playing golf one day and swung at a golf ball, when his sternum bone fractured into a million pieces...Can you imagine? That's when we realized something was wrong.

So I'm taking every effort to try to help raise awareness...and hopefully one day scientist can find a cure for Multiple Myeloma Bone Cancer. So yesterday we formulated our Facebook page "Link for Cancer"...We want to raise 5000 "LIKES" by the end 2012.

I also wanted to offer an incentive to you the user to share our Facebook page "Link for Cancer" by offering my JIJI CHIC handcrafted jewelry as a prize to the specified # like 200th Facebook user - who LIKES Link for Cancer....We are inviting all of you to help us share and raise awareness...could I count on your support?

We have created our first gorgeous bracelet as our first prize...Check it out below

LINK for Cancer Bracelet
Help us raise 5000 LIKES for the "Link for Cancer" drive!

Linda J Baldridge
Wednesday, May 23, 2012

3 Jewelry Pieces to Light Up Your Life

What do a hammered liquid heart pendant, hammered lightening bolt earrings, and a hammered dragonfly pendant have in common? Maybe nothing! There all hammered with love...they all create a passive and exciting emotion all at the same time. We're hoping you love them as much as we loved creating, hand molding and hammering them for you!

The Liquid Heart Pendant
Love flows from your heart like liquid! The mother of pearl beads resemble water.

The Liquid Heart Pendant

The Lightening Bolt Earrings
Lightening bolts are created from electricity. Electricity inspired from my heart!

The Hammered Lightening Earrings

The Hammered Dragonfly Pendant
Dragonflyies are so peaceful...

The Hammered Dragonfly

Hope you LIKED our new creations...if you did...stop by our Facebook page - and give us a LIKE and stay up to date with our future creations...
Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Blue Leather Cord - Steel Plated Chain - Friendship Charm Bracelet....


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